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+ Loan facility:
  E4-Group is providing facility of some kinds of loans (cash/credit) for commercial and economical trading on
  Global markets.
  These loans are for increasing the economical turns over in purpose of making profit for all Managers and

+ Gold and Precious Metals:
  Many people are interesting in Precious Metals specially Gold, so the Stock Markets of Precious Metals (Gold)
  is very important for traders.
  This is one of the most important sections in Foreign Exchange .
  One of the E4 duties is providing facilities such as loan credit. This makes investors to have more profits.

+ Currencies and Indicators: 
  The currencies and main indicators in the global markets are on the main attention of the investors of 
  financial and shares markets. So, E4_Group (Foreign Exchange) gives you good price based on international services. 
  E4-Group (Data Provider) provides best solution for traders and enable them to have profit with access to good price trough
  electronic system.

+ Mutual Fund:
  E4_Group (Foreign Exchange) Mutual Fund is a usage and good solution for professional traders to use the expert knowledge. This
  facility is a way to reach a secure and ideal profiting without high risk expenses.
  Such founds are for various risky and profit conditions which will guarantee the profit.

+ International Shares:
  International shares are one of the most attractive products of stock markets. Investors for invest; making  
  capital and partnership can buy Shares of valid firms. This action is available by CFD (Contract for
  Difference) with E4-Group. E4 (exchanger) is providing facilities for investment and security for

+ Hedge:
  Which means "protecting against financial loss" is one of the basic of business and it's a way to stop loss
  and taking profit.
  This financial facility besides market analysis and other facilities which are provided by E4 Foreign Exchange is an excellent 
  combination for keeping the normal price of raw material and other industrial or commercial goods.

+ Insurances:
  Insurances companies are the security for the loss/less of saving the capitals in accident in the world. This
  is a necessity for traders to have standard insurance based on their needs. E4 Foreign Exchange is providing this need for investors, which is one of the E4-Group advantages.

+ Credits:
  Credits are one of the financial main tools in the financial turnovers; E4 Foreign Exchange is providing a safe and secure
  condition for protecting the professional investors and traders based on their needs.

+ Energy:
  Crude Oil is one of the economical bases in the world. The civil World without energy inventories will face
  with critical problems. This vital material is on the main attention in the world because of its importance and
  trade in the Stock market.
  E4 Foreign Exchange is the access for trading such energy. Our services for this facility are in your hand.

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