Trading Rules

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Please note following are Trade Rules which you have to do and disobedience of the rules is forbidden. E4-Group Trade Rules react on every one who turns away from the rules. All actions which interrupted on server system are containing on penalty.

1.  Buy/Sell order should enter from Sunday at 23:00 GMT to Friday at 2300 GMT.

2.  Order should be consistent with previous days trend (i.e.; Previous day up, Place "Buy" market order, Previous day down, enter "Sell" market order at open).

3.  Trading is just through the Internet Trading Platform.

4.  39 CURRENCY PAIRS Trading plus Gold and Crude Oil.

5.  Minimum trading lot is 0.01 and Maximum trading lot is 0.1 basic currency units (Micro).

6.  Minimum trading lot is 0.1 basic currency units (Standard).

7.  Minimum trading lot is 1.00 basic currency units (Vip ,Advance)

8.  Minimum deposit is $300. (Account Type)

9. The minimum of level of Stop Loss, Take Profit and limit orders on a market price is equal to 1.5*spread of all currencies on currency price.

10. E4-Group rules do not give any rights to the Clients to change or remove Stop Loss, Take Profit and LimitOrders if the price reaches to the level of the order execution.

11. The deal (opening or closing a position) is executed at the "BID" / "ASK" prices offered to the Client. 
The Client chooses the desired operation and makes a request for the deal confirmation by E4-Group.
The deal is executed at the prices the Client can see on the screen. During the confirmation the pricemay change, and the Company has right to offer the Client a new price.

12. Unnecessary request duration less than 1 min is forbidden on normal accounts.
All positions less than 5 min and/or up to 5 pips and generally any action such as hedging and
which are including mentioned items are not accepted by England Foreign Exchange Trading Rules and if so,it will be including penalty and 

 First day: you will receive current e-mail (e-mails) as alert

 Penalty: For Scalps over two times per day your spread will increased for next 24houres

  Note: After 1 day your spread return to primary spread (Decreasing)

  Advise: To avoid any spread changing please pay attention to Rules

13. If above mentioned condition repeat then the account will be blocked.

14. All positions with the closed amount on Zero are not taking place in calculation.

15. Sending unnecessary and more than 5 Request per min will include penalty.

16. Caused Increasing Server load is including penalty.

17. Do not trade on important economic news (which causes so many markets volatility on 5 min period). All Spreads will increase according to News Impact At mentioned times.

18. Margin call level calculation is:  MC = Equity / Margin * 100 % 

19. In any case of margin call Maximum Loss will closed at first

20. In Gap positions, pending and S/L will activated in first market price after gap  

21. All Ibs are obliged to do their best effort for being at service of the clients in best and proper condition. Any action deliberately or erroneously in respect to the deviation of the clients from allowed trades and creating false transaction to gain extra rebates by Ibs or their traders are strictly prohibited due to the risk of putting the clients accounts and their trades in danger of elimination and sustaining loss. Obviously, continuation of the aforementioned articles will lead to cancellation of the Ibs license. We strongly recommend and request all the clients to report any of the abovementioned cases for their own accounts safety and secure trading.

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